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Contact Tiger Team by ringing Helena on 020 8398 6242 (day or evening). We live in Thames Ditton, in SW London.

The team email address is tigerteam.atlantic@gmail.com. This will be checked by Helena and Richard before the start, and by members of the Land Team thereafter.

We leave the UK to travel to La Gomera, where the race starts, on Sunday 20 November, 2011. Between then and the race start (scheduled for 4 December), we will have wireless internet access and so you can contact us by text to our normal mobile numbers, via our Facebook page, or via the above team email address. We probably won't be able to use our normal email addresses.

Once the race starts please note that we will NOT have Internet access. This is because connectivity via a satellite phone is about 10% of the speed of an old 28.8 modem (remember them?). And costs $1.50 minute. However, there will be several great ways to keep up to date with our progress and send us messages:

Getting info on our progress

  • Via our Blog - visit this by clicking the News button above. We aim to update this once a day while we are at sea. If you "subscribe" to this by email, you will be emailed as soon as we post an update. You can make comments in response to our postings, but please note that we won't be able to read these ourselves till we get back (though we will greatly enjoy doing so then). If you ask any questions in your comments, they should be answered by Eric and Lisa, or possibly Chris from the Land Team.

  • Once the race has started, there will be a race tracker up on the dedicated race website at http://www.taliskerwhiskyatlanticchallenge.com - this will include a map showing the progress of each crew as a different coloured blob. Positions are updated every 6 hours. Ocean rowing really can be a spectator sport!

  • Via our Facebook page. This will be updated twice a week or more often if anything dramatic happens, by Chris Martin from our Land Team, based on the content of our recent blogs. These will naturally be more concise updates than the blogs. And probably more accurately typed as well.

Sending us messages

  • Visit http://messaging.iridium.com. There you can enter our sat phone number (+8816 3159 1236) and then a text message of 160 characters. This does not cost you anything to send, and doesn't cost us anything to receive either. This is the very best way of getting a message to us! Please send these at any time of the day or night, whatever time zone you're in - we will get them when we turn the phone on which will only be for short periods. So there's no danger you'll wake us up by making our phone bleep!

    We will welcome jokes, limericks (you can do a surprising amount in 160 chars, trust me), anagrams, gossip, world-shattering news, and encouragement. We will not welcome comments about how nice it is to be snuggling up in a clean dry bed after a delicious roast dinner, thanks all the same Ian.

    In general we will respond to these in the next day's blog.

  • You CAN call the above number, but we strongly recommend that you don't. It will cost you an absolute fortune, and will also drain our phone battery much more than getting texts. And we'd rather use power for the water maker or autohelm.

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